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The Sentinel Platform: Computer Help at Home

Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics has been providing computer help to businesses through the Sentinel Platform and our business clients love it so much, we decided to offer this type of Manage I.T. Service to our residential clients. If you are a serious computer user, you may need a little more support than the average. This is why we offer our Sentinel Platform Managed I.T. Service.

What is Managed I.T. Support?

Managed I.T. Service basically works like a tech support membership for I.T. help and basic computer help. Based on which plan you choose, our residential Manage I.T. Service can include automatic off-site backup, guaranteed antivirus measures and 8am-5pm Monday-Friday help desk services with remote assistance. Some plans even include on-site service.

What Does This Mean For Me? Computer Repair and I.T. Support without Hourly Fees

Members of our Residential Sentinel Platform pay a fixed monthly fee based on their selected features, and they don’t get a separate bill for computer help or other services used! Our I.T. help desk at Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics will manage your back up, keep software patches and updates under control, keep your computer optimized at all times, advise you on home technology decisions and, if you get a virus, we take care of it!

What if I am a Seasonal Resident?

Our Sentinel Platform Managed I.T. Support Service knows no boundaries! We have many clients who are on our plan that utilize our I.T. help desk for tech support from around the country and around the world when they need computer help. The trick is to get one the plan BEFORE you have a problem and we can help you avoid issues while you are out of the area.

Stop paying for hourly help with:

  • Computer Repair

  • I.T. Support

  • Computer Help

  • Tech Support