Wireless Networking / WiFi

how do i get wi-fi wireless routerWireless Networking: How do I get WiFi? Wireless Router

How do I get WiFi in my Home? Wireless Network Router/Access Points

Home Wireless Networking

  • Set up, configure and secure your wireless router; safeguard your personal information and secure your broadband signal from use by others
  • Installation and configuration of a networking adapter on computers/devices (PC, laptop, gaming console, network Blu‑ray/DVD player, network-enabled TV, etc.)
  • Configuration of internet, including ISP (internet service provider)
  • Secure network/wireless router
  • Enable devices to share the internet, files, printers and other media (photos, videos, music, etc.)
  • VoIP (voice over IP) setup
  • Repair network and internet connectivity if necessary
  • In-home installation of all equipment

Network Design and Installation

Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics offers a full line of services and products that can be used to solve any issue. LAN solutions like hubs, switches and home wireless network routers can make for a giant tangled mess for many modern business leaders. To untangle the mess, you need expert help. At Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics, we specialize in running LAN drops, making Ethernet terminations, cleaning up messy, hard-to-troubleshoot LAN closets and properly configuring the necessary equipment to make sure that your infrastructure (wired and/or home wireless network) can get the job done!

How do i get Wi-Fi?

Today, most homes with an internet connection have some level of home wireless networking or Wi-Fi integrated into their infrastructure. Many times, our clients express concerns with slow internet speeds, but after our technicians check internet speed at wired and wireless connections, we often find that the culprit is a weak or insufficient Wi-Fi (WLAN). Making sure your home wireless network internet speed meets your needs in every area of your property is our specialty. From 500 square foot office spaces to stadiums, we can get you unplugged, FAST!

How do I Get Wi-Fi to the Dead Spots in My House? Wireless Router or Wireless Access Point?

Making sure that your home wireless network covers the area you need it to means more than just going out and finding the most expensive home wireless network router you can find at the office supply store. Many of our customers ask us:

“How do I get Wi-Fi by the pool?”

“How do I get Wi-Fi upstairs?”

“How do I get Wi-Fi to my Blu-ray player in the living room?”

At Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics, our technicians are experts in Wi-Fi. Wireless networks are now an essential tool to most businesses and we understand the importance of your wireless network’s dependability, throughput (speed) and coverage area.

By Derreck Ogden