add memory to slow computerPC Upgrade: Add Memory to that Slow Computer!

Slow Computer? Add Memory to it!

Is this you?
* Worried about space for storage.
* Thinking about a workstation or PC upgrade.
* You have a slow computer you need add memory to.
* You’re not sure what “low memory” means.

Slow Computer?

Slow computer responsiveness or performance can be caused by software or hardware issues. Once and experienced technician has eliminated software issues, we must then take a look at hardware. Does the blame lye with faulty components or just overworked components? If your processor is being overworked, you will see immediate degradation of performance from any PC or workstation. If your processor is being overworked, it may be time for an upgrade. The experts at Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics have the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you in the right direction.

Low Memory?

Another cause of lagging computer performance could be a lack of system memory. Often times, we overload our computers by having too many programs open at once or just trying to operate the PC in too many ways simultaneously. The answer to this problem is to either scale back the use of the system or to upgrade memory. The most common solution is the later. The expert technicians at Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics are happy to help with your decision and give you all of your available options.

Concerned about space on your hard drive?

Running out of storage on a workstation or PC is also a very common but serious issue. Not having any more room to save files or being limited on the amount of space your OS has to operate can also cause serious degradation of computer performance. The help desk technicians at Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics can advise you on exactly what options you have for adding storage to your workstation, desktop or laptop PC.

By Derreck Ogden