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Data Recovery: Hard Drive Repair and Backup

Hard Drive. Fried, with a Side of Broken Dreams

Hard drive heartache: It’s the moment every computer user dreads. Dead hard drive. Your family photos, tax returns from the last ten years, your kids’ homework, business projects and documents. All gone. Forever.

Are you sure about that?

Everyone in the situation described above wishes that they had a good hard drive backup system in place, but not all of us are blessed with the forethought or the friendship of a techie person to tell us “BACK IT UP!”

At Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics, we have software and tools that are sometimes able to execute data recovery operations and get your information from your dead hard drive. If our tools are not capable, we work with a data recovery laboratory that will recover your data for us and send it back on an external hard drive for you to plug into another computer and view your recovery data. Most of the time, we are able to repair broken hard drives even if the repair only lasts through the data recovery process.

Key Concept:

  • Data Recovery
  • Hard Drive Repair/Replacement

By Derreck Ogden