Computer Hookup

dual monitorsComputer Hookup: Install Scanner, Dual Monitors, Install Printer

New Computer Hookup-Install Printers Scanners Dual Monitors

Our New Computer Hookup Service gets you running fast even with Dual Monitors!

Just because we call it “new computer hookup” doesn’t mean we can’t setup your old PC! Whether you are dusting off an old system or you need hookup service for a brand new machine, we can help!


Hookup my Peripherals!

Our friendly knowledgeable technicians will be happy to install printer drivers and software ,install scanner drivers and software, setup and configure dual monitors (or as many monitors as you like) and get your PC “dressed for success”. Whether your computer is being used for business or pleasure, it is important to install printers, install scanners and setup other integrated devices properly the first time to avoid future problems. We follow strict best practices when it comes to setting up network and peripheral devices to ensure user friendliness and dependability. We take special care to install printer and install scanner software and drivers that are latest releases from the manufacturers. Dual monitors can be fun if they are setup properly. Several of the desks in our own office use dual monitors setups. Our help desk actually uses 5 monitors! Dual monitors can greatly increase productivity or make your gaming experience twice as much fun!

Key Concepts:

  • Dual Monitors

  • Install Printer

  • Install Scanner

By Derreck Ogden