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email problemCan’t Send Email? Messages stuck in outbox? Other email problem?

Email Problems & Setup: Can’t Send Email Stuck in Outbox Email Password

Setting up email accounts and clients can be very confusing. From Mozilla Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook and even mobile devices, WOM is prepared to get your email up and running FAST!

An email problem can be extremely frustrating whether the email problem means you can’t send email, there’s a message stuck in outbox or you can’t seem to remember your email password.

Email Password

Every major email account provider allows for their users to obtain their email password whether it was forgotten or never received. Most of the time you can look around on the email login page for the “Forgot Password” or “Can’t Access My Account” link. This will usually lead you through a series of security questions that, if properly answered, will allow you to reset your email password. If you have an email client like Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook or Windows Live Mail that retrieves messages for you, you will need to update your email password in the setting s of the client for it to work properly again.

Message Stuck in Outbox

There are several reasons that the “message stuck in outbox” can occur. Oversized attachments, email client errors, email server errors etc. can cause this problem and if restarting the program doesn’t work, you may need professional email help to get it resolved.

Can’t Send Email

Either of the above mentioned problems plus many others can put your email client software in a situation that means it can’t send email. If you have checked your passwords, server settings, ports, security settings and pinged the email server to make sure it’s operational, you may need professional email help to get the issue resolved.

Email Setup Services

If you would like to get ahead of these types of email tasks

  • Connection of one existing and active email account to a computer or mobile phone
  • Must have all necessary passwords available
  • Working high speed internet connection required
  • Troubleshooting for an existing email account
  • Includes repair, configuration and update the e-mail client

By Derreck Ogden